New Lease On Life For Survivor Of Alleged Animal Cruelty

Credit: HSPPR

After a nightmarish start to life, a kitten is looking at a happy ending thanks to the generosity of strangers.

Stewie was just 12 weeks old when he was rescued during an investigation into what officials are calling one of the "most distressing" cases of animal cruelty they had ever seen. His brother Loki was allegedly tortured, then killed at the hands of their owner, who authorities say filmed himself committing the atrocious act.

Once in the care of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR), it was discovered that Stewie had a congenital esophagus malformation, which required surgery. The cost of the procedure was estimated at $2,000.

After HSPPR announced they needed help paying for Stewie's surgery, cash came flowing in from people across the state eager to help. In less than a week, $3,000 was donated to Stewie. The Humane Society now not only has enough money for Stewie's surgery, but has enough to pass around and help other animals in need of veterinary care.

Once Stewie gets his surgery and completes his in-house care, he will be ready to be adopted out to a loving family who can give him the life he deserves.