New Law Hopes To Help Vets Get Hired

Military veterans have been among those hardest hit by the economic woes of the last several years.

A new bipartisan bill was signed into law by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper that hopes to ease unemployment among service members.

The Veterans Full Employment Act requires that the state of Colorado reinstates all expired state credentials for active-duty troops if the expiration occurs while serving. This includes licenses, certificates and registrations.

“Veterans are willing to risk their lives for our freedoms, and they must give full concentration to the tasks at hand while serving. This bill simply gives veterans the opportunity to compete for work when their tour of duty is done, with credentials that they have already earned. It’s the least we could do for fellow Americans who have done so much for us,” Sen. Matt Jones told sister station KCNC.

The bill was sponsored by Jones and Rep. Rhonda Fields.