New Information About Furniture Restoration Suspect

Jerald Dougherty
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This Amish-made oak jewelry armoire was the first piece she and her husband bought together. Dawn McCloskey says she found Jerald Dougherty from an internet search.

He reportedly picked up her piece at her home, collected a deposit, and promised to refinish it right away but that didn't happen.

Dawn McCloskey says, "I refer to him as a scumbag. He kept giving me excuses and you know, after two months the bells and whistles had gone off."

Dawn says she later filed in small claims court, but police couldn't serve Dougherty because they couldn't find him.

He later unexpectedly left her armoire in her driveway still unfinished, but kept Dawn's deposit and new knobs.

Platte Furniture Store, which has been in business more than 35 years, says it's also a victim.

Kyle Kelly says he bought an antique buffet from Dougherty.

Kyle says, "This guy seemed proud of it, he told a good story about it."

Kyle later learned Dougherty didn't own the piece at all and graciously turned it over to the customer it belonged to, who also was a Dougherty customer.

Kyle goes on to say, "It made me feel good that we were able to get it back to them, but yeah it makes you a bit more leery of buying."

Colorado Springs police says all of Dougherty's websites are now shut down. He used the names: Restore Your Heirlooms, Colorado Furniture Repair Company, and Master Craftsman. He's now been charged with several counts of felony theft and officers are on the lookout for him.

A detective says Dougherty has been spotted sleeping in his '99 white, Dodge Caravan in a liquor store parking lot off of South Nevada and another off of West Colorado Avenue. They were asking the public to keep an eye out for him.

Friday, 11 News learned the Dougherty was taken into custody.

Remember it's so important to thoroughly check out a business handing over money or merchandise. Dougherty wasn't registered to do business in Colorado, the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about him, and there are several warnings from other customers on various websites.