New Information In Arrest Papers For Woodland Park Mayor

David Turley

Arrest papers for a southern Colorado mayor detail a trail of suspicion surrounding a relationship with a teenage boy.

Woodland Park Mayor David Turley officially heard his charges Monday. He's accused of touching the 17-year-old under his shorts, while they were in a hot tub together at the mayor's house on May 11.

According to the arrest papers, the accuser's little brother told his assistant principal about his concerns about the relationship.

From there, police talked to several other people who were concerned.

Then on May 22 police recorded a phone call between the boy and the mayor.

During the call, investigators say Turley admitted to accidentally brushing the teen's genital area while they were in the hot tub.

Turley says he has no plans to step down as mayor. He'll be back in court next month. We'll let you know what happens.