County Purchases New Fire Truck For Boone

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PUEBLO, Colo. Pueblo County Sheriff's Office purchased a $350,000 fire truck for the Boone Volunteer Fire Department. Keys to the truck were given to the fire department in a ceremony Friday.

The town of Boone has a population of around 350. The town sits inside the emergency planning zones of "Chemical Stockpile Preparedness Program (CSEPP)." In the event of a chemical emergency at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot, the Boone Volunteer Fire Department is in charge of protecting its citizens there.

The truck has the ability to decontaminate people who've been exposed to a potential hazard. This is second fire truck that the Boone Volunteer Fire Department owns.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office said, "The number one objective of the CSEPP program, which falls under the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, is to protect of the citizens around the U.S. Army Depot. This truck is an illustration of that commitment."

The truck will not only be used for the town of Boone, but also other parts of Pueblo County.