Driver Accused in Deadly Crash was on Prescription Drugs

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11 News has the arrest papers showing the woman accused of causing a fatal crash was on prescription drugs.

The crash happened on October 13th on I-25 just south of Fountain.

33 year old Reygan Long of La Junta allegedly crashed into a motorcyclist and killed him while two kids were in her back seat.

According to the court documents, Long was driving with a revoked license. At the time of the crash, the State Trooper on scene noticed signs of impairment and asked Long to complete a roadside sobriety test. Long then admitted she took Celexa at 7am that morning and Xanax at noon. The Troopers said she failed the sobriety test and was placed under arrest for DUID. A lot of people take those drugs, so 11 News talked with a local pharmacist about how severe the side effects can be.

“With Xanax that one is more pronounced. You can have dizziness, drowsiness, overall sedation. You can also have lack of coordination and blurred vision. That's always something to be very careful of and a lot of times we tell people to be at home when you're taking that medication,” explained Pharmacist, Rhiannon Harfert with the Medicine Shoppe.

Harfert also says anytime you combine medications the negative effects will mostly likely be amplified.

The victim in this crash has been identified as 61 year old David Cisneros. 11 News talked with his younger sister. She says they wish Long had thought before she got behind the wheel that day. But out of this tragedy they donated his organs to help improve the lives of others.

Long's next court appearance is set for October 23rd. 11 News will be in the courtroom and we'll be sure to let you know what happens.