New Details Reported In Clements Murder Case

New troubling details are being revealed as the investigation into the murder of our state prison system director Tom Clements continues.

Investigators have long said Evan Ebel was the only suspect in the murder of Clements and a pizza delivery man. Wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of Clements' death.

But according to the Denver Post, new details indicate Ebel may not have acted alone--and may have targeted almost two dozen officials.

Some officials whose names were listed on a "hit list" fond in Ebel's vehicle after his death told the Denver Post they fear there is still a threat against their lives.

Colorado prisons director Tom Clements was killed at his home in Monument on March 19, 2013. Two days later, Ebel was killed in a shootout in Texas with police.

Early on in the investigation, Ebel's ties to a prison gang known as the 211 Crew surfaced, as did the potential hit list.

The Denver Post is now reporting one official whose name is reportedly on the hit list says it contains more than 20 names. He talked to the newspaper anonymously, saying even now, a year later-- he still doesn't feel safe. He says there's no sure sign that Ebel acted alone and not perhaps on an order from someone else in that same prison gang.

Stevie Marie Vigil is the only person involved in this crime spree who has faced prosecution. She pleaded guilty to giving Ebel the gun he allegedly used to kill Clements and delivery man Nathan Leon. She was sentenced earlier this month to 27 months in prison.