New Details Emerge In Case Of Woman Accused Of Stabbing Mother-In-Law

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Colorado Springs police say a woman sought for questioning in a murder case tossed her baby at police and ran.

Police say they saw a bloody butcher knife while investigating a dispute and when they tried to question Ellyzabeth Rainey, she held up her two-month-old baby and told police to take the baby because she was going to run.

An officer caught the child. He then ran after Rainey and when he caught up with her she reportedly told him that she had just 'murdered someone'.

Rainey,19, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the killing of her mother-in-law, Deborah Rainey.

Police say Ellyzabeth Rainey told officers she threw boiling water on her mother-in-law to distract her, and then threw weights at her head. She stabbed her multiple times and then poured bleach into her nose and mouth, according to court papers, before she drug the woman's body to a back bedroom and covered her with an air mattress.

Rainey was reportedly in the process of getting a divorce from her husband, and her mother-in-law had been staying at the apartment to help her son take care of the two-month-old baby. Meanwhile, Rainey told officers she had been living on the street and staying at the Capri Motel on Platte Avenue.

She also had been in the hospital, she told officers, because of hallucinations. She told them that she heard voices, telling her that her mother-in-law was going to take everything away from her, according to court records.

She was not medicated for any condition at the time of the murder.

She also told police she was tired of "being pushed around" by her mother-in-law.