New Charges Brought Against Burglary Suspect

11 News was first to tell you about a man who's suspected in a string of burglaries. Police confirmed to us Monday that he's connected to several more cases, even one involving an agency that helps kids.

We first told you about Corban Elmore, 38, in October during an 11 News investigation. We've done several follow-up stories about him.

Elmore was first arrested for breaking into homes in the Northeast area of the Springs. Now, he's accused of writing stolen checks and forgery.

Investigators said Elmore fraudulently wrote over $15,000 in stolen checks and forged the owners’ signature. They told us, further investigation into the forgery resulted in discovering Elmore had also forged letterhead and official signatures for CASA of the Pikes Peak Region and of the company known as TASC out of Virginia who have a facility in the Springs. CASA is a non-profit group that helps kids who are going through the court system.

We talked with a CASA spokesperson tonight who told us he is a client in one of their programs, and it's concerning if he did forge signatures on their letterhead. Again, police told us that is exactly what he's accused of doing.

Elmore will be advised of the new charges against him in court Tuesday.

Previous Coverage:

A man accused of breaking into several homes made his first court appearance Monday.

Police say Corban Elmore, 38, is linked to at least six burglaries in Colorado Springs. He was caught in late October in part thanks to a vigilant neighbor, who noticed him prowling around a home on Oct. 23, and then later seeing him leave in an unfamiliar vehicle.

"You get to know whose car goes where and if it's someone that doesn't belong," John Bryant told 11 News at the time.

Bryant called 911 after the incident. He also gave the homeowner, Justin Fernandez, the vehicle description. Fernandez passed that information on to friends and co-workers, and told them to be on the lookout for the vehicle.

Aaron Celaya later saw the car near Constitution and Peterson and called police.

"I made the choice to follow, keep a good distance, but grab his plate and call 911," Celaya told 11 News reporter Sarah Schwabe.

Police responded to the area and brought the man into custody.

It wasn't just the vehicle that helped link Elmore to the burglary at Fernandez's home; Fernandez told 11 News that his security cameras took a picture of the suspect just before he broke in.

Police have not released what other homes besides Fernandez's Elmore is accused of burglarizing.

Elmore is currently out on bond. In court Monday, he told the judge he intends to get his own attorney. He will make his next court appearance on November 26.