Neighbors Upset About Trash in Yard

Neighbors are frustrated because garbage is piling up at one of the houses on their street. They say trash is now blowing into their yards.

It's happening just northeast of Colorado Springs on Renneberger Road, near Curtis Road and Falcon Highway.

A neighbor tells 11 News a woman and her two kids used to lived in the house but were evicted.

He says the owners came and removed all of the family's stuff from the house, and put it in bags out in the front yard.

The next door neighbor tells 11 News the stuff has been sitting out for more than a week, and is now spilling into everyone's yard.

"The eyesore has been the trash blowing all over the neighborhood. I mean, it's definitely an eyesore just sitting there. But when the wind kicks up out here, and they kick up pretty good out here, so the trash just blows everywhere," George Askins told 11 News.

According to an official with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, neighbors can file a littering complaint in this case. After that is filed, a deputy will go out to investigate and figure out who is ultimately responsible for getting the trash cleaned up.

Normally, a city's code enforcement would handle a case like this, but because the house is out in the county, the sheriff's office takes care of it.