Neighbors Receive KKK Fliers

The fliers that were left outside people's homes.

An investigation is underway, after fliers asking people to join the Ku Klux Klan were found in a local neighborhood.

The fliers were found in plastic bags on mail boxes in the Security Widefield area over the weekend. 11 News spoke with the leader of the group who passed out the fliers. Chris Barker says a lot more neighborhoods could see the fliers, because they help drive membership. Barker says, people shouldn’t be afraid of the KKK.

“They really shouldn't be afraid. The klan is not out to harm anyone. The klan is just out the wake up white America and the troubles we are facing with our government is becoming communist,” Barker said.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s office says the postal inspector is looking into this, because it may be a violation of federal law for them to place the fliers on mail boxes.

One woman 11 News spoke with says she plans to meet with the FBI about this. Angie Austin says she wants to make it clear, her neighborhood is not the place for the fliers.

“I saw something shiny laying in my driveway ... I got up and came out and a zip lock bag laying on the ground,” Austin said.

We will continue following this developing investigation and will bring you new details as we learn them.