Neighbors Concerned About Clogged Storm Drain

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People in one Colorado Springs neighborhood are worried about a storm drain that has reached dangerously high levels. The drain is near the intersection of Cragmor and Acacia. That's near Austin Bluffs Parkway in Colorado Springs.

The water level was pretty high on Sunday, but it didn't even compare to what it looked like on Saturday after it rained.

11 News viewer, Chuck Riley, sent us some photos Saturday night. He lives across the street from the storm drain. He said the water has been filing up fast.

"The city assured us that it was going to take care of all the drainage problems of the parkway and there wasn't going to be any stagnant or standing water in it," said Riley.

Riley said at one point, the water reached ten to twelve feet high. That level water has him concerned about the safety of others.

"There's no protection around to keep children dogs, individuals walking around here… it's a dangerous thing," said Riley.

Riley said the city told him the water is suppose to drain immediately. He was also told that any water left at the bottom of it would drain within 24 hours.

"It needs to be made safe and it's not an issue where children get in here… they should probably figure out a way to fence it off. you know, they have to address how to get the water out first," said Riley.

11 News Reporter Gina Esposito talked with the City of Colorado Springs, Streets Division Manager. He said that he's going to send out a crew Sunday night to assess the situation. He said depending on what's causing the problem, it could be fixed Sunday night or Monday. He said often times rain causes debris to clog up drains.

The Streets Division said residents can report these issues anytime by calling (719) 385-5934.