Neighbors: Cars Into Homes Is Nothing New

Neighbors are talking after a car crashed into a home. They say this type of crash happens way too often in their neighborhood.

The crash happened near the intersection of Union and Palmer Park early Saturday morning and sent the driver to the hospital.

Police say the driver could face DUI charges as drinking and speeding are both considered factors in the crash.

Neighbors say this isn’t the first drunk driver to crash through their yards and into their homes and they don’t believe it will be the last.

Manuel and Norene De Torres live right next door to where the crash happened. The car went through their yard.

They tell us they’ve been dealing with the problem for well over 15 years and had cars crash into their home or through their yard at least 10 times. On top of that, they’ve crashed into neighbor’s homes and yards.

The couple has been living in the house for over 40 years and is now in their 80’s. They say it’s hard to always have to redo their yard or landscape work after an out-of-control driver.

They’ve had drivers take out their fully grown trees, crash into their house, and destroy their porch. Even destroy a Mustang parked in the driveway.

In fact they tell us years ago they had to move their daughters from their bedroom to the basement, afraid that a car would crash into that room and hurt their kids.

“It’s not surprising at all. It’s becoming like an everyday occurrence. It’s really becoming mundane,” said Manuel De Torres.

“It’s just becoming reality,” said Norene De Torres.

We followed the path of destruction from the recent car crash. The vehicle took out a tree, then crashed through another tree before going airborne. It then made a crash landing into the De Torres’ yard and then it slammed into their neighbor’s house.

Now the couple is worried about the safety of their grand-kids who spend a lot of time at their house.

They tell us they’ve talked to the city about the trend several times, spanning over years, but say they have not seen any changes.