Neighbor Helps Black Forest Family During Flood

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Rain pelted down over the Black Forest burn scar on Wednesday.

“There was about three feet of water right down here,” Duane Reynolds explained.

“I just couldn’t believe how rutted and torn up the road was,” Lea Reynolds said.

The Reynolds family just lost their home in the fire but now they faced yet another devastation. Mud filled up their well and cut off the water supply for their 10 horses.

“We’re trying to get the water out of that hole we had dug to get temporary water up to the horses,” Duane Reynolds explained.

Neighbor Jerry Fizer, had never met the Reynolds, but he heard their desperation as we aired part of his story during our 6:30 newscast. He immediately loaded a water tank onto his truck and rushed over to deliver it.

“I understand that panic and not being able to take care of the animals,” Fizer said.

The Reynolds were overwhelmed with his generosity.

“I appreciate it a whole lot. All the forest people sort of stick together here.”