Nebraska Authorities Worried Residents Will Buy Pot In Colorado

Legal marijuana will now be too close to comfort for authorities in Nebraska, who fear residents in the counties closest to Colorado will begin jumping the border to get pot.

The owner of medical marijuana dispensary Sedgwick Alternative Relief in Sedgwick, Colo. tells sister station KCNC that he gets at least a couple of people from Nebraska at his shop every day. Sedgwick is about 20 minutes from the Nebraska border.

"Probably one or two every day from people...from North Platte, one from Omaha...every day,” Brad Henson said. “I mean, the demand is there.”

Henson tells KCNC he refuses service because he only sells medical marijuana to Coloradans with a license, but Nebraska law enforcement counters that's hardly keeping pot from crossing state lines. The Deuel County sheriff showed KCNC all the medical marijuana they've taken from people on Nebraska roads, and said that some had been purchased in Colorado.

“What we are also finding is that people are using this stuff while they are driving. Our DUIDs (driving while under the influence of drugs) have gone up dramatically in the last two years,” Sheriff Adam Hayward told KCNC.

Hayward is worried that the problem is going to escalate in January, when recreational marijuana becomes legal.