Nearly 2,000 Turn Out To Help Save Child's Life


People showed up in droves on the day before Easter to help a little boy in need of a life-saving operation.

Nearly 2,000 lined up at Falcon Virtual Academy in Colorado Springs to see if they were a match for 10-year-old Aden Knar, who needs a bone marrow transplant. Aden has been suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia for six years, and needs a transplant to win his battle against it.

"Without a match we have a very difficult time ahead because continued chemotherapy is toxic; Aden has dealt with heart failure, went into septic shock, pulmonary edema," Aden's father told 11 News. "Chemotherapy is very toxic and he can't tolerate much more of it."

The response Saturday was overwhelming; hundreds and hundreds of people filled the room to get tested. At the close of the four-hour event, people were still lined up, waiting.

"It just makes me feel good," Aden said. The little boy, who spends most of his time at the Children's Hospital, had never seen so many people.

"My faith in humanity is kinda restored today because a lot of people coming together, helping a kid they don't know," Brett Cheatham said. Cheatham was among those who went to see if he was a potential donor.

Aden's family is hopeful that among the people who came out Saturday, one will prove to be a match.

"We have a 5 percent chance because of his unique DNA strand of finding somebody, but that's a 5 percent chance, and that person probably exists in Southern Colorado," Mike Knar told 11 News.

Knar said that his son is in the best shape he'll ever be in to do the transplant, but the window is short.

"The doctors have told us that we're in a window right now, so over the next four to six weeks, we have to get Aden into a transplant."

Knar was floored by the number of people who came out to try and save his son.

"Everybody here is wanting to try, you know, hoping they're the match, which is really unbelievable...there are people here hoping, praying that they match my son."

The results from Saturday's drive will be available in about a week. To find out if you are a match, or to otherwise follow Aden's progress, click the link on the side of the page.