2 Arrested For Home Invasion After Crash On I-25 In Pueblo

A joyride in a stolen truck ended in a forced crash on I-25 in Pueblo.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says the truck was stolen in a home invasion on the 6200 block of Highway 78 around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Two or three men forced their way into the home and stole more than 60 firearms from the home. One woman was home at the time, and was held in a bedroom by one of the suspects while the others sifted through the house. Before leaving, the Sheriff's Office says they set their own vehicle on fire in the homeowner's driveway, then took off in the family's truck.

Deputies spotted the stolen truck a mile outside the Pueblo city limits and began to follow it. It disappeared in a south side neighborhood before deputies caught up to it again on Pueblo Boulevard near the interstate. Once the vehicle got on the interstate, deputies conducted a Pursuit Intervention Technique, also known as a PIT maneuver, to force the vehicle to stop. The vehicle rolled near the Indiana exit (exit 96), spilling all the stolen firearms across the roadway.

The interstate was closed for several hours while deputies cleaned up the scene.

The Sheriff's Office says the suspects tried to escape, with one making it a short distance away on foot, the other stopped before he could climb out the window. Both were apprehended and taken into custody.

The victim thought there may have been a third suspect, but there were only two men in the truck when it crashed.

The victim in the incident was uninjured.

The firearms stolen from a home in Pueblo County, which spilled onto the interstate after the suspect crashed.