Cold Case Now Heading to Trial

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A murder case that went unsolved for more than 30 years is finally going to trial. Investigators say 59-year-old Robert Baillie is accused of raping and killing Janet Conrad at the Antler's Hotel in Colorado Springs. His trial starts, Monday, at 9:00 a.m. at the El Paso County Courthouse with a jury selection.

It was 1976 when investigators found the body of Janet Conrad inside a 10th floor laundry room. Our partners at The Gazette report that Conrad had worked at the Antler's hotel for the past seven years as a housekeeper. They also report that Baillie may have know the victim because a relative of his told investigators that he dated one of her sisters.

As we've reported, investigators were able to link Baillie's DNA to the crime. It happened recently while he was serving a prison sentence for a sexual assault case. In 2009, springs police received grant money to look into cold cases. We're told that money helped piece this case together.

We'll let you know what happens in court.