Mudslide on Highway 24 Reminiscent of 2012

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Video of dark mud flowing over Highway 24 is a scary reminder of the massive mudslide and flood in that same area from two years ago.

That slide was part of the reason the highway was shut down for more than four hours Saturday afternoon.

Kenneth Quintana is the highway maintenance supervisor for the Colorado Department of Transportation, he told us there is a sediment pond and spillway already in place where the mudslide happened.

He said they cleaned it out on Wednesday, but Saturday’s rain was enough to fill it up and overflow it. It will be emptied again, and CDOT said they'll re-examine the mitigation they've done to see what can be improved.

"We brought in two loaders, and probably about 10 dump trucks up there to be hauling off material, and we also have some dirt trucks with plows on them to kind of plow the material off the road and scrape it off as best we can," Quintana said.

The mudslide, combined with flash flood warnings forced the closure of Highway 24 for several hours, leaving a long line of cars on the road and frustrated people stranded in surrounding areas.

Tina Hancock shared video of the mudslide with us, and told us the westbound lanes were completely covered with mud and had to drive, slowly, toward oncoming traffic.

"The cars that had to come in the opposite direction had to slow down and stop to let us go around. I think the best way to describe it was chaos. It just turned into chaos real fast," Hancock said.

Quintana said this is the fourth time since Monday CDOT had to shut down the road. He said the storms this week have been unpredictable and he's hoping people will be understanding and patient with the closures.

"It's hard to tell where (the storms are) going to hit, how much were going to get, and that's part of the reason that were up here trying to keep the people safe as well," Quintana said.

CDOT said no cars got stuck in the mudslide and no one was hurt.