Mountain Shadows Homeowners Hit Hard By Storm

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Some homeowners in Mountain Shadows were hit hard by Wednesday’s storms. We talked to a couple of homeowners who lost their home to the Waldo Canyon Fire and are now dealing with storm clean up.

"It was a raging black river in my yard, but there was nothing I could do," Shelby Bullock said.

Bullock lost her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire. She finished her backyard landscaping just last month, and now heavy rains washed away most of it.

"This is all, black stuff, from the burn scar," Bullock said as she showed us her backyard.

Her neighbor up the street, Angus Foster, had less damage, but was still dealing with some washed out landscape.

"I wasn't expecting to use my snow shovel in July. You know, that's just sort of unusual," Foster said.

For these folks on Courtney Drive who've already lost everything once, seeing just a small bit of destruction again is tough. But they’re all quick to point out that they know they’ll be okay.

"Hey, I’ve been through a lot with the fire. This is minor,” Bullock said. “I'm okay, my house is okay, I have no flooding in my house, and so I’ll just deal with it."

Bullock added that her landscaper will assess the damage Thursday.

Those who live on Courtney Drive say they've never seen a storm like that before. They are planning to clean up, but they're nervous this could happen again next time.