Motorcycle Chase Leads To Drugs Arrest In Springs

Bobby Summa

This morning, Colorado Springs Police arrested a man after a traffic stop. Bobby Summa was ultimately charged with possession, menacing, resisting arrest and several traffic charges.

According to reports from police, an officer saw a gray motorcycle in the area of I-25 and Bijou street shortly before 10 a.m. today and attempted to stop him.

The motorcycle driver reportedly ran from police on the bike, westbound down Boulder Street. The driver crashed two blocks away in the 600 block of Manitou Blvd. and then took off on foot.

The officer chased Summa, and a concerned citizen joined in on the chase. The citizen was able to stop Summa at the bottom of the embankment he had run down.

The officer then caught up with both of them just as Summa attempted to pull a knife on the citizen. Summa was arrested and during processing, officers also found him to be in possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.