Mother Who Threatened Police Arrested For Driving Stolen Car

A mother who threatened to “Seek revenge on police” is now in custody, police tell 11 News.

That mother’s son, Robert Kresky, was shot and killed by Springs police last month when he wouldn’t pull over in the stolen car he was driving.

Thursday, investigators tell us they received a tip that Kresky's mother was driving around with a shotgun, looking for revenge against police officers.

Police had been keeping an eye on that woman since around noon Thursday. They were watching for a stolen car she was reportedly driving around in.

When she got into the stolen SUV, an officer tried to pull her over.
She then sped off through a parking lot, crossed the westbound lanes of Platte Avenue, and tried to cross over a median. But in her attempt to get away, she crashed into a tree and became stuck. That’s when police made their move and arrested 45-year-old Donna Quintana.

Both eastbound and westbound lanes of Platte were closed for about a hour while police were investigating. We asked police if they found any weapons in the stolen car; they said no.

But they did tell 11 News that the SUV was stolen back in November from Fountain. They think it’s connected to a car theft ring they’ve been investigating for several weeks in El Paso County.

We don’t know much more about the theft ring, but they are investigating if the driver, Quintana, is linked to it.

She was arrested Thursday night for driving a stolen car and eluding police. She also had some outstanding misdemeanor warrants.