Mother Warns About Luring Incidents Near School

A Colorado Springs mother is concerned about the safety of her kids, after she says a man tried to lure her into his car.

It happened near Lincoln Elementary School in the area of Cascade and Polk.

The mother is very concerned, not only because the man tried to lure her into his car, but she says he also tried to get her friend and her friend’s daughter.

Most disturbing to Desiree, is the man was hanging around her kids’ elementary school.

She tells us she was walking down Cascade Avenue on Friday afternoon, before her kids out of school at Lincoln Elementary.

That’s when she noticed a suspicious car.

"He started slowing down as I was walking and went up like a street,” said Desiree.

As she came around the corner, she saw the car parked, as if the driver was waiting for her.

"He made noises but wouldn't say a word, at all. And he was doing a lot of hand gestures like come on, get in the car. I shook my head and just started walking faster,” said Desiree.

She lost him, only to find the man filling up at the same gas station she was going to. That’s when she took action.

"I was looking at the license plate, trying to remember the number. I walked right into the 7-Eleven and asked for a pen and wrote it down on my hand,” said Desiree.

Desiree's friend checked out the car and says it was the same grayish blue Dodge Stratus she saw the day before. When she says the man with a black and white hat tried to lure her and her daughter.

Desiree says she called police and warned the school about the luring incidents. Now she wants to get the word out so the neighborhood can be on alert.

Police say Desiree did the right thing by getting the license plate number. They say if this happens to you:
-Walk against the flow of traffic, so they can’t follow you.
-Go inside a nearby business
-Call police right away

If you know anything about this incident, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP(7867).