Mother Now Facing Child Abuse Charges As More Details In Case Against Boyfriend Emerge

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11 News has learned a local mother is now facing child abuse charges. This comes just days after her boyfriend was arrested in a disturbing case of child abuse.

Lee Kizer is in jail right now. Investigators say he abused a boy so badly it's considered attempted murder.

"This is between me and my kids and the man who did it,” said Aurora Deleon.

Police say Deleon is also guilty of child abuse. Court papers say 35-year-old Aurora Deleon would make her kids kneel in the corner of their bedroom in their Colorado Springs apartment complex when she left for work, and they'd have to stay in that position until the time she returned.

According to the court documents, Kizer, Deleon's boyfriend, was in charge of the boys when she was at work. The papers say he caught the boys leaning back on their calves when they were supposed to kneel in the corner. As punishment he allegedly beat and almost killed a 14-year old boy, who has special needs. Kizer reportedly dunked that boy's head in the toilet and held him under cold water in the bathtub until his body started to shut down.

“I lived it, I know,” Deleon shouted.

The mother was very vocal with us on Tuesday night, placing blame on Kizer. But when we called her on Wednesday night to ask her about her child abuse charges, she hung up.

11 News talked to neighbors about the charges Deleon faces.

“I work in a daycare so it's very sad," said Crystal Franklin.

Deleon’s charge is a misdemeanor, so she was arrested and released.