Mom Accused Of Leaving Baby on Train Tracks, New Details Emerge

Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
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The mother accused of leaving her newborn baby on the train tracks claims a higher power told her to do it and even took the baby from her arms.

Jessica Sloan, 31, faced a judge for the first time on Tuesday.

The incident happened on the afternoon of February 14, on the north side of Pueblo near 29th and Lowell Street.

During her interview with investigators, Sloan explained that "Jesus Christ" pulled the baby from her arms and onto the tracks. Then "God Jehovah" told her that everything was going to be okay.

11 News talked to witnesses who watched in horror after they saw a woman leave a baby on the tracks and run away. At the time, railroad cars were approaching the area. A train conductor yelled out "emergency" over the radio and bystanders ran to get the baby to safety. Meanwhile, others chased after Sloan and held her down until police arrived.

In the arrest papers the officer says it did not appear that Sloan was under the influence of any drugs.

The baby has been placed in foster care.

Sloan is now facing attempted first-degree murder charges and child abuse charges.