2 Arrested After SWAT Activity In Springs Neighborhood

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A domestic assault escalated into a SWAT situation after Springs police were called to investigate the couple.

Both 38-year-old Steven Carpe and 35-year-old Nicole Carpe were arrested after the incident Tuesday night.

Police initially received reports that there was a fight between a man and a woman, later identified as Steven and Nicole Carpe, inside a home on Morley Circle. There was word a weapon was involved.

While responding officers were on the way, they learned that the male party had left his home and was allegedly hiding in a neighbor's house. Officers secured both homes and ordered the man to come out.

Neighbors were told to keep a safe distance.

The man ultimately surrendered. Police say he was noticeably injured from the earlier altercation with his wife and sent him to the hospital. He was later charged with second-degree burglary for allegedly stealing from his neighbor's home.

The female party was arrested for the original assault. Police say Nicole Carpe assaulted her husband with a weapon inside their home. She was charged with second-degree assault.

During the incident, part of the neighborhood was closed off for more than an hour. Police described the situation as complicated and potentially dangerous.

"You never know what's going to go on especially in a domestic you know?” said neighbor Johnny Malacara after the incident was over. “If the guy's been drinking, or she's been drinking, you never know. It's a pretty scary situation."