Mom Struck By Lightning Gives Birth

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After everything that's happened the family told us they finally feel like everything's going to be okay. Lightning hit Stephanie Alberti when she was just 13 weeks pregnant. For the next six months there were concerns about her pregnancy and baby. She went to the doctor every single week.

Newborn Sophia Alberti weighed 6.5 pounds, 19.5 inches. Over the summer, mom Stephanie, was at a local race track cheering for her husband. Lightning struck and hit her through the ground. Stephanie was temporarily paralyzed. Not a day went by where she didn't worry about Sophia's health.

"Happy that she's ok and little small but she's got a big attitude," Stephanie said.

Now, back home with their baby, Stephanie's husband Derek said even Sophia's birth was dramatic.

"Our doctor, she kept looking up and saying I really need to get this baby out," Derek recalled.

Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her tiny body.

"I think that it was wrapped three times around her neck and then a couple times around her butt area and her leg and then they suctioned her out and basically her color came right back," Derek said.

They’re now able to laugh off a long pregnancy filled with unexpected twists and turns. Saying one day, they'll tell little Sophia about what happened, and even joke about the possibility of superpowers.

"I'm going to have the lightning bolt at Halloween and she's going to be the superhero all the time," Derek said.

"We joked when I was pregnant she would have some sort of superhero personality or superhero abilities," Stephanie added.

That day Stephanie was hit at the race track, four other people were struck as well in the same area. They are all okay.