Mothers Speak Out After Altercation Leads To Child Being Strangled

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Two local mothers are speaking out after an altercation between students landed one in the ER.

Kimberly tells us her son was strangled by a female student at Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy. Just one week later the student was seeing his alleged attacker at school again.

Kimberly says her 12-year-old son does not feel safe anymore after the alleged attack.

"It's unacceptable, highly unacceptable," she said.

According to Kimberly's son, he was receiving threatening messages from his attacker, one of them saying "tomorrow at school you are a expletive ghost." The next day is when the incident happened.

"___ comes up behind me, wraps a telephone charging cord around my neck and starts pulling real hard," the boy said.

But the mother of the accused student claims the victim was known for bullying, and had been picking on her daughter before the alleged attack.

The boy said he told the school's office right away, but was sent back to class. It wasn't until he called his mom himself, that Kimberly found out about what happened.

"[I'm] very angry because that's my son's life. If something happens to him I'm supposed to be one of the first people who should be told," Kimberly said.

She says when she showed up at the school, that's when an incident report was made.

Kimberly says she took her son to the ER, where he was treated for post-strangulation.

The school district tells 11 News that "severe disciplinary action" was taken against the student. They said they could not elaborate on what that meant.

According to district policy, "Level IV disciplinary infractions" are those that require expulsion.

"Level IV disciplinary infractions" are those material and substantial disruptions that are to be addressed by the Principal (or his/her designee) and for which suspension by the Principal (or his/her designee) shall be mandatory. Expulsion shall be mandatory by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Further disciplinary action shall be optional."

Kimberly's son said he was surprised and scared to see his alleged attacker back at school this week. She feels the school should have expelled the other student.

District 11 said that expulsion decisions are on a case by case basis.

Kimberly eventually got the police involved.

Colorado Springs police say there was video evidence of the crime. They tell 11 News the student is facing third-degree assault charges.

We have reached out to the mother of the accused student for further comment.