Mom, 3 Sons Killed While Crossing Philly Street; Drag Racing Possible Cause

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Springs police say street racing incidents rise over the summer, and has already led to significant property damage for one homeowner earlier this week. But in Philadelphia, drag racing may have led to a much more tragic result.

Philadelphia police say a 28-year-old mother, identified by police as Samara Selena Banks, and her four sons were crossing Roosevelt Boulevard Tuesday night when they were struck by a vehicle.

Police are now investigating whether the accident was caused by drag racing.

Banks and her 23-month-old son were pronounced dead at the scene.

Seven-month-old Saamir Williams was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center, but was later pronounced dead.

A four-year-old boy was transported to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and was pronounced dead at 4:45 a.m. Wednesday.

A five-year-old is in stable condition with bumps and bruises.

Police say the 22-year-old driver, operating an Audi, remained at the scene. He was taken to Philadelphia Police Headquarters for questioning.

Eyewitnesses told investigators that the driver was speeding.

"We're getting some information that they're may have been some drag racing, that's something that Accident Investigation is going to determine," Chief Inspector Scott Small explained.

Charges against the driver are pending.

In Colorado Springs, Sunday night's accident left two people hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and an enormous mess to clean up after one of the cars crashed through a backyard fence. The homeowners said they have seen a lot of racing in their northeast side neighborhood, and feared it was just a matter of time before a vehicle hit their home.

“I think their licenses should be taken away...that's totally irresponsible for people to endanger other innocent people," Yolie Lalama told 11 News after the accident.

Springs police say they try to place officers along streets that racers favor, and will even approach drivers beforehand if they suspect a race is about to start. Consequences for drag racing in Colorado include the possibility of a driver's license being suspended, or even revoked.