Meth Lab, Dead Body Under Investigation

Sheriff's deputies happened upon two shocking discoveries during a routine warrant execution.

At a probation officer's request, deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office arrived at a Monument home Wednesday to check on a person with a warrant out for their arrest. Inside the home: a dead body and one of the biggest meth labs they have seen in years.

HAZMAT crews and explosives experts were on scene all day Thursday, removing chemicals and cleaning up the meth lab.

Residents on the 2800 block of Hunters Glen Road are equally stunned at the dual discoveries, describing the man who lived in the home as "very nice," if reserved.

A neighbor living next door told 11 News that his wife and grandchildren would take baked goods to the man's home every Christmas. The neighbor never had any problems with the man in the six or seven years they lived side-by-side, and says he had no idea what was really going on inside that house.

Authorities say there does not appear to be any foul play, though autopsy results are still pending. They are not releasing the name of the deceased at this time, and will not say if the deceased was the person with the outstanding warrant.