Meth, Guns and Cash Seized from Home

Photo Courtesy of the Pueblo Sheriff's Office

A big haul of illegal weapons and drugs were pulled out of a local home, and three people are under arrest.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office arrested Steven Wilson, 51, Shane Smith,39, and Kimberlie Verigan, 35 from inside the Pueblo West home.

KKTV 11 News looked into their backgrounds and they all have fairly long rap-sheets. They've all previously been convicted of at least one felony. Verigan has been on the run from the law since January.

The sheriff’s office gave us photos of items recovered during the execution of a search warrant Friday night from a home on Linda Avenue not far from Purcell in Pueblo West.

The sheriff's office said they had been investigating the home for more than six months, and it was an anonymous tip that led them to the home.

Friday night they were able to get a search warrant, and carried it out at around 8 o’clock.

They tell us they found meth, cash, boxes of ammunition, semi-automatic handguns, and shotguns. They also reportedly found knives and machetes. We're told every gun they found was loaded with live rounds in the chambers.

Pueblo County Sherriff said he understands how risky the execution of this search warrant was.

“This was a tough entry, every gun loaded and ready to fire, some with-in arms reach of the suspects”, said Taylor. “The narcotics unit works with precision and as a team and that shows in their continued safety and success.”

Investigators say all three suspects will be charged with new felony charges and have a special offender charge because they were all convicted felons and not allowed to have weapons or drugs.