Men Accused Of Stealing From Homes in Black Forest

Dominique Smith Phillip Madden
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A Black Forest man helped nab two men who deputies suspect of stealing from destroyed and damaged homes.

The man's home survived the fire, but he says his relief quickly turned to disbelief when he started noticing metal missing from his property.

When he checked some cameras he'd installed around the property he found images of two men--stealing metal from his home just an hour earlier.

He called in the truck's license plate to deputies and got some shocking news. He was told deputies had gotten another call reporting missing metal in the area and had stopped a suspicious truck.

With the new photo evidence, investigators were able to charge 23-year-old Dominique Smith and 26-year-old Phillip Madden with two counts of theft.

Both men have bonded out of jail. They each face theft and criminal trespass charges.