Rock Slide Victims Remembered

Credit: Johnson Family

A southern Colorado community is mourning the loss of the victims killed in a massive rock slide.

On Saturday morning a tearful memorial was held at Buena Vista High school to honor the Johnson family.

It’s apparent the Johnson family touched many lives. Dwanye and Dawna Johnson and their daughter Kiowa-Rain died on Monday after being trapped in a rockslide as they were hiking.

The service on Saturday was held at the high school where Dwayne and Dawna coached football and track. Friends spray-painted and wrote personal messages on a large rock outside the school and placed flowers underneath. The Johnson's son, Dakota, was not along on the hike. He was at the memorial and expressed his gratitude for the resuce efforts.

"It is just amazing how this town came together, all the rescue efforts. It's been awesome. I can't thank you enough. We are very grateful,” said Dakota Johnson.

We're told the rockslide included boulders the size of cars. One woman we talked with actually explained how heroic, Dwanye Johnson was during the rock slide. He used his body to shield his youngest daughter Gracie who was also with them during the rock slide. According to authorities she was pulled out with injuries. She was also in attendance at the memorial.

The Johnson’s nephews, Baigen Walker and Paris Walkup were also killed in the rock slide.

A fund has been set up to help out with the family's funeral expenses and to care for Gracie. For more information, follow the link below.