Town Hall Meeting Helps Answer Health Care Questions

Wednesday marked the second day of the Affordable Care Act open enrollment, and many folks in our community have begun sifting through their options trying to decide which health insurance policy is right for them.

There are many resources you can use if you're needing some assistance with the process--or just some clarification on how the new health care law works.

The website is a good start. There are also town hall meetings being held by the Well 3 group in Colorado Springs. Well 3 is a partnership of Pikes Peak region health care providers. The group does not endorse the Affordable Care Act and they are not politically driven. The main focus of the meetings are to help folks navigate through what can be a confusing process of health care reform.

One of Well 3's town hall meetings was held Wednesday.

The meeting hosted a panel, made up of local health experts ranging from doctors to insurance providers. All of them were ready to answer insurance questions, as every situation is different.

"I just got laid off recently,” Michaela Simington explained.

For Simington, this is the first time she's had to find insurance outside her company.

“It's nerve-racking and kind of scary because the cost of health care is very high,” Simington said.

Simington is not alone. Karole Campbell recently became self employed. She's never had to shop for insurance before.

"Every year I was able to look at the insurance options, check the box and be good to go. And all of a sudden it's not play money anymore. It's my money and I want to know I’ll be covered for my visits and things like that,” Campbell said.

Insurance prices depend on where you live, your age, how many people are in your family. The panel hopes to empower folks to make educated decisions about health insurance.

“You don't have to make a decision today, but it's important to start learning and reading about policies and what the options are. Don't wait until the last minute,” said Jill Law, one of the panelists and the El Paso County Public Health director.

If you weren't able to make the meeting on Wednesday night, there will be future opportunities to get your questions answered later this month. Click on the FIND IT tab for more information.