Meeting Held To Discuss Fate Of Foreclosed Golf Course

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Tuesday night, there were more questions than answers for a local community wondering why the King’s Deer Golf Course has to shut down.

It was standing room only at the Tri-Lakes Methodist Church in Monument Tuesday, where concerned golf course members gathered for a meeting with the Exchange Bank regarding the closure. The Nebraska-based bank is foreclosing on the King's Deer Golf Course. Members of the bank say the owners of the course stopped paying the bills.

There were 203 annual members when the course shutdown on February 13th. Those members may not get their fees back.

The bank says they have several options about how to proceed, including finding a new owner, shutting down the course and maintaining the greens while they search for a buyer, or the bank can simply walk away.

In the meantime, members have been left bewildered by the turn of events, and are uncertain about what to do.

“Do we file a dispute with the credit card company to get our money back? Or do we wait and see what's going to go on with the course because we got no answers tonight." Deane Nicholas explained.

"It's hard to say how this will affect us, but it was just very unexpected and sad,” said Annette Hazuka.

The Exchange Bank hopes to appoint a receiver to work through the process.

The golf course cost $7.1 million to build in 1998.

11 News left messages for the golf course owner, but he has not returned our calls.