Medical Alert Scam Targets Southern Colorado

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Our 11Call for Action volunteers started hearing from you about this. It's a very conversational, automated phone call.

The message is about a medical alert button. One of those warning devices that call 9-1-1 if you need help right away.

The caller says a unit has already been purchased for you. They just need your address.

Jacki Reistad, a Colorado Springs nurse got two calls and was immediately suspicious.

Jackie tells us, "It was already paid. They said that many, many times by a friend or someone who is concerned about you and all they were calling about was to set up a delivery date."

Don't buy it. We learned the feds are trying to track down the crooks who use a dozen different names like: Medical Emergency, Medical Alert Company, First Alert Company, Life Alert USA, Lifewatch, Senior Safety Alert, Senior Emergency Care, Senior Safe Alert, Emergency Medical Alert Systems, and Meical Alarms Hewitt.

We're told authorities believe they're operating out of Asia, even Australia.

We're told those who are victimized wind up getting $35 a month withdrawn from their bank account or debited from their credit card. And, they don't even get a device.

Remember to never give a stranger your personal information. If you get a suspicious call, simply hang up and call us. We'll be happy to check it out for you.