Mayor Makes First Public Appearance Since Arrest For Sex Assault Allegations

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A mayor accused of sex assault made an unexpected appearance at a city council meeting Thursday night.

Woodland Park Mayor David Turley was arrested two weeks ago on charges of sex assault on a child. He has since bonded out of jail.

Turley remains the town's mayor right now, but 11 News was told he would not attend the June 5 city council meeting. Turley said after the meeting that he changed his mind; he felt like it was his duty to show up. It was his first public appearance since his May 23 arrest.

During the council meeting, no one talked about the allegations the mayor is facing. Little has been released to the public at all; all that is known is that the alleged assault happened between May 11 and May 22, and undisclosed evidence was collected from Turley's home prior to his arrest.

After the meeting, 11 News spoke to the mayor.

"Better not make any comments for right now, just working through the process, we will see where it ends in court. I haven't been arraigned or anything. We will take it a day at a time. I will say what I've said previously: this kind of thing is devastating. It's devastating for me and the community; hopefully we can get it resolved quickly and move forward."

The mayor of two years said he has no plans to step down. Since he's an elected official, the only way he can lose his job is if there's a recall election.