Mayor Vetoes Council's Ordinance To End Business Licensing Fees

Mayor Bach vetoed an ordinance approved by City Council that would have eliminated many licensing fees for businesses operating within Colorado Springs city limits.

The council approved the ordinance Tuesday in a 5-4 vote. The ordinance would have eliminated the fees attached to business licenses for all businesses except liquor, adult-oriented businesses and medical marijuana.

According to a news release from the mayor's office, the ordinance would have resulted in a revenue loss of $400,000 next year.

Mayor Bach contends it is unfair to make taxpayers foot the bill for administrative oversight expenses of businesses operating in the city. Those costs are currently offset by licensing fees.

City Clerk Sarah Johnson is working on an analysis of policies and practices regarding how the city deals with businesses. She is expected to present those findings to the Mayor and City Council in September.

The mayor says he wants to wait until that presentation is completed and then have "a thoughtful, holistic conversation on the best licensing solution."