Mayor Appoints City Attorney, Airport Director, Deputy Chief of Staff

Mayor Bach during an exclusive interview with reporter Patrick Nelson on July 12.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach has appointed three people to serve in key leadership rolls in Colorado Springs.

Wynetta Massey has been appointed City Attorney. Massey has already been serving as Interim City Attorney. That started January 3.

Mayor Bach said in a news release he chose Massey because of her institutional knowledge, government experience and leadership skills.

The Colorado Springs City Council still has to confirm Massey.

Her salary will be determined by the council during the confirmation process.

Dan Gallagher has been named Aviation Director for the Colorado Springs Airport. Gallagher must also be confirmed by the City Council.

Gallagher reportedly has 13 years of experience in airline and airport management. He started working with the Colorado Springs Airport in September 2010. He began serving as interim airport director in March 2013.

Gallagher reportedly played a key roll in the addition of nonstop flights between Colorado Springs and Seattle (Alaska Airlines) and Phoenix (Allegiant Air).

His salary will $145,991, a 10 percent increase from his current salary of $132,719

The mayor also named Bret Waters as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Waters has been serving as the Office of Emergency Management Director since 2005. According to a news release, Waters will continue serving in that capacity as well as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Waters managed the Emergency Operations Center during the Waldo Canyon Fire and was named Recovery Manager after the fire. He also served during the Black Forest Fire.

His salary will be $136,752, a 10 percent increase from his current salary of $124,320.

Bret Waters
Dan Gallagher
Wynetta Massey