May Storms Result in More than $100 Million In Damages

The tally of insured losses after a series of May storms pounded Colorado is up to $109.3 million, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Here's the breakdown of claims that have been filed so far:
- 18,538 vehicle insurance claims amounting to more than $57 million
- 9,904 claims from homeowners amounting to almost $52 million

A spokeswoman for the group says this is a good time for people to check their insurance policies so they know what's covered and what's not.

She says most of the time, people with comprehensive auto insurance can expect hail, wind, fire and flood damage to be covered.

When it comes to insurance on your home, homeowners insurance will cover things like damage from hail, wind and some flooding. When the flooding is the result of rising water, homeowners will need to have an additional insurance policy.

Again, people should take the time to check their individual policies.

RMIIA also says there are things people can do ahead of time to prepare. For example, choosing impact-resistant roofing that will hold up better during a hail storm.

They say it's also a good idea to make a list or take pictures or video of everything in your home. That way if homeowners do have to file a claim after a disaster, they will have a record of what was inside the home.