Marijuana Taxes Could Exceed 30 Percent

Credit: AP
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Marijuana in Colorado could be taxed at rates above 30 percent. That's according to a panel of state lawmakers that agreed April 5th to ask voters to approve a 15 percent excise tax, plus a 15 percent sales tax on the newly legal drug.

Those taxes would be in addition to the statewide 2.9 percent sales tax and any additional local sales taxes.

"That 30% was going to impact our community in a great way where it was going to go to education is what I read. I’d like to see that happen because 30% especially to somebody's that in education I’d love to see it," a local educator told us.

"To me I think it's kind of early to be deciding what kind of tax to put on it," one woman said.

"I think that if you're going to tax liquor one way you should probably tax marijuana the same way," a Springs man added.

The tax proposals came from a House-Senate committee that has been reviewing proposals on how marijuana should be regulated.

The panel also agreed Friday to limit pot purchases by out-of-state visitors to an eighth of an ounce. Residents could buy a quarter of an ounce.

The marijuana committee concludes work Monday. Lawmakers will consider whether pot sellers should have to grow most of their product.