Manitou Weighs In On Recreational Marijuana

Credit: AP
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Now that Colorado Springs has voted to ban the sale of recreational marijuana, Manitou Springs residents are weighing in what their city should do.

"I think it could be sold recreationally, but it there needs to be an age limit like cigarettes," said one resident.

An owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs thinks selling recreational marijuana in the Springs will eventually happen if it gets passed in Manitou.

"It's coming whether these guys like it or not. I'm just amazed how rapidly it's rolled out," said Judith Negly, owner of the Indispensary.

The Manitou Springs City Council says it will meet on August 13 with lawyers about the issue, and will likely vote soon after the meeting.

If Manitou Springs votes to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, it would the first city in El Paso County to do so.