Manitou Springs Man Gets Pictures Back That Washed Away

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A Manitou Springs man is getting back some of his belongings that washed away, weeks after his home was flooded.

It's all thanks to a college student who made a special discovery along Fountain Creek.

This is an update to a story we first showed you on KKTV 11 News last week.

After the devastating flooding in Manitou Springs last month, UCCS student James Sibert was out covering the damage for the school's newspaper.

He came across more than a dozen pictures that had washed up along Fountain Creek.

Since then, he has been on a mission to find the owner.

After 11 News initially aired his story, we received a few tips from viewers about who the pictures might belong to, and that led us to Kristen Johnson.

Johnson lives on Canon Avenue, one of the hardest hit areas in Manitou Springs. He had a big shed in front of his house that completely washed away.

"Everything seemed to be gone quicker than you could blink your eye," said flood victim Kristen Johnson.

Several of Johnson's pictures, some more than ten years old, were lost. Johnson thought he would never see some of the pictures again.

He is so grateful to Sibert for finding them and returning them to him.

Sibert tells 11 News he is just glad he could help.

"Really happy not just to find them, but find the person they belong to," said UCCS student James Sibert.

As for Johnson, he says this gives him hope that he might be able to track down more of his belongings that washed away.

"Some of this stuff is still out here. I'll probably be finding memories for the rest of my life around here," said Johnson.

Some of the pictures that Sibert found actually belong to one of Johnson's neighbors, who also had a lot of damage because of flooding. We are in touch with her, and working to get her pictures back to her.