Manitou Springs Holds Recreational Marijuana Hearing

Should recreational marijuana be sold in a local town?

Almost every other city in southern Colorado has voted no, but it's still up for consideration in Manitou Springs.

It was standing room only Tuesday night, as people on both sides of the debate gathered to discuss whether or not recreational marijuana should be sold in town. Nearly 50 people got up to talk during the session.

The majority of the people in the room seemed to be against the recreational sale of marijuana, but several supporters did speak up Tuesday night.

Those against the sale say they had issues with the type of tourists recreational marijuana might attract. Those who were for it, however, say it could really boost tourism in a time where the community has been struggling to bring in the usual number post-fires and floods.

"Personally I don't think it's a problem...I think marijuana is less of a problem than alcohol is," one woman told 11 News.

The hearings will continue next week.