Local Man Talks to 11 News After Getting Hit By a Car

A local man survived getting hit by a car in his wheelchair. Now he's hoping to get the message out to all drivers to be more attentive.

The accident happened on February 8th at the intersection of East Cheyenne Road and Roanoke in Colorado Springs.

The victim, Douglas Hamm is out of the hospital and continuing to recover. Hamm is bound to a motorized wheelchair. On Saturday morning he had just picked up a prescription at Safeway and was heading back home, but he never made it.

"I remember my head bleeding and I put my hand up there was a bunch of blood,” Hamm explained.

As Hamm was crossing Roanoke Street police say a driver headed west on Cheyenne road hit him. He was propelled out of his wheelchair and landed in the street.

“The impact is what still haunts me."

Hamm was rushed to the emergency room for internal bleeding, a cracked spine and a cut on his head.

The driver was ticketed for careless driving. Now Hamm wants to get the message out for all drivers to be attentive.

“I was fortunate to live. Maybe that's my purpose now to get the word out. If I can save one other person it will be all worth it."

Even though there is not a marked crosswalk at the intersection, police say drivers must yield to the pedestrian.