Mugshot Of 'Red Truck Suspect' Released

Credit: CSPD
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For the first time since his arrest last week, police have released an image of the man accused of approaching young girls in a red truck and offering them money to watch him touch himself.

The suspect is 43-year-old Duston Ridner. Jail records indicate he is a Fort Carson soldier.

Jail records also indicate he has bonded out May 23, the day after his arrest.

The Colorado Springs Police Department released Ridner's mugshot Tuesday.

Ridner was arrested in a shopping center parking lot off of Woodmen and Academy at 4:30 on the afternoon of May 22. That's not too far from most of the places police say he's been approaching girls in Colorado Springs.

Police tell 11 News there was another incident on Thursday evening where the man reportedly approached a girl. Officers got a call right after it happened and they raced to the area, pulled over the truck and arrested him.

Witness Dakotah Valdez snapped a picture of Ridner getting handcuffed.

“They pulled him back out, arrested him finally and put him back in,” Valdez said.

Police say this is the man who has been driving around Colorado Springs for more than three weeks, reportedly offering girls $100 dollars to watch him touch himself. There's been 13 separate encounters, including three on the day of Ridner's arrest. Two of Thursday's encounters came in the morning, which strayed from Ridner's typical pattern.

Valdez described the arrest to 11 News.

“The undercover cops looked like they had stayed. I saw them putting on rubber gloves, started searching the truck, even the back tool box,” Valdez said.

11 News introduced you to father Andrew Smith earlier this week. He lives in a neighborhood not far from where one of the encounters happened. He has been keeping an eye out for the red truck every time he hits the road.

“Everywhere we've gone, we've kept an eye out for red trucks, red trucks, temp tags, all that,” Smith said.

Smith says he'll sleep better tonight knowing the suspect was arrested.

"It does make me a lot more relieved as a parent, knowing that this predator is off the streets,” explained Smith.

Ridner is being charged with obscenity, attempted indecent exposure and soliciting for prostitution.
Previous Coverage

Colorado Springs police say they received two more reports of a man in a red truck asking a female to watch him touch himself.

One incident happened at 9:21 a.m. Thursday in front of the Noodles and Company near Southgate in Colorado Springs.

Police say less than 20 minutes later the suspect approached another girl, this time asking for directions first, then offering her $100 if she would watch him touch himself. That incident happened near William Avenue and East Cheyenne Road, just one block away from an elementary school.

There have now been 11 similar incidents reported in the Colorado Springs area recently. Thursday's report is the first one to come in during the morning hours.