Man Suspects Scammers Are Looking For Local Targets

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The phone rang recently at Mike Phillips house. The caller said they had important information for him.

"One of your home computers is pinging one of our critical account servers,” Mike said the caller told him. “We’re going to need to access your computer so we can fix it for you."

The caller said they were from Microsoft. Mike didn't buy it. When the caller couldn't answer his questions, Mike had heard enough.

"I hung up on the gal," he said.

Mike says he's not totally surprised he got a suspicious call. He now suspects others will as well. His concern is, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, others may not realize they could be talking to a crook.

"It's real life in our neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, it's affecting people here.

Microsoft says there are very rare occasions they might work with your Internet provider to solve a problem, but they will be able to verify who they are and what they need to do. If the caller cannot do that, take their information down and immediately report it to police.