CFA Investiges: Man Sued After Posting Online Reviews

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Russell Petrick says, "You can't bully people like that. Companies aren't allowed to do that."

Russell has spent his career working with computers. He recently switched to Peak Internet, hoping to get faster service. But says he was disappointed with the results because the service wasn't as fast as he thought it would be.

He then got his money back, switched to another service, and then posted reviews online about Peak Internet.

Russell explains, "I very much believe in consumer rights and I won't be quiet about that type of thing. They've already deleted my reviews on their Facebook page because they don't want anyone to see that."

Russell believes he has a right to tell others about his experience online, but he's now being sued by Peak Internet.

The company's attorney filed this lawsuit demanding that Russell stop making, "defamatory statements." It says Russell's statements are false and have hurt the company.

I asked attorney Randy Steichen what we all need to know when posting and giving our opinions online.

Randy says, "You have to be careful that what you say is the truth because if you make statements about somebody that are not true, that damage their reputation or business, you can be held liable under the laws of defamation."

More companies are now going after those who post negative reviews. We'll let you know what happens with Russell's case.

Legal experts say the truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Just remember the Internet is a powerful forum, and it could be up to a judge or jury to decide what you can or can't say.