Man Steals 500 Pound Hot Tub

Image from surveillance video (credit CBS)

A bold crook reportedly stole a 500 pound hot tub, and he did it all by himself.

The theft was caught on a security cameras. Police say it took the man about half an hour to make off with the hot tub.

The thief was well prepared, bringing a pump to drain the hot tub and something to spray on the security camera. Whatever the suspect sprayed on the camera didn't work. He can then be seen moving the hot tub with a dolly to a flat bed truck.

It happened April 9 at Colorado Customs Spas in Denver.

The owner says the hot tub is big enough to hold three people. It was stolen at about 5 a.m., a time when lots of commuters are driving by on I-25.

The owner of the store is hoping that someone will recognize the man and report it to police.