Man Sentenced For Fraud

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A Monument couple is devastated after a man they have known for 20 years scams them out of a lot of money.

11 News has learned that the scammer in this case, David Butcher Jr., has been sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud.

Charles and Lucy Farrar tell 11 News they considered Butcher to be another son, and trusted him completely.

According to court papers obtained by 11 News, Butcher and the Farrars decided to start a partnership.

They planned to buy land in Teller County, build a log cabin, sell it, and then split the profits.

The Farrars fronted the money, writing checks to Butcher for more than $50,000. Butcher was supposed to secure the land and build the home.

Court papers show he bought the land, but never built anything.

In the meantime, Butcher met another couple at a casino in Cripple Creek.

According to court papers, Butcher convinced that couple he was a descendant of Daniel Boone and was building log homes.

They wrote him a check for $50,000 to invest in one of the homes.

It turns out, it was the same lot the Farrars had purchased.

The Farrars tell 11 News that Butcher denies all of the accusations against him and has never apologized for what he did.

They're glad that he's going to prison, and say they'll likely never see a dime of their money.